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Our Mission

The Funky Brewster exists to use the simplicity of coffee to create an experience that
inspires connection
across the table and around the world.

Our Values

~ We extend extraordinary hospitality

~ We celebrate the story of coffee

~ We embody a culture of honor


Company Location

The Funky Brewster Coffee Catering, Inc. is incorporated in the state of California.


The Funky Brewster was started in 2007 as a response to a need for mobile coffee service in the Denver Metro area of Colorado. A single cart was built, and the company began to serve a small area outside of Denver. As word spread, more carts were added, efficiency improved, and more companies, schools, and private parties across the Denver Metro area reached out to have The Funky Brewster caffeinate their events.
In 2014, a second location was launched in Orange County and Los Angeles. As of 2019, six Coffee Carts were available to serve the Denver Metro area, including Fort Collins and Colorado Springs, and three Coffee Carts travel the counties of Orange, Los Angeles, San Bernardino, and beyond in California.  In 2020, COVID 19 hit the catering industry hard, and in October of 2021, we sadly closed our Denver location. We are encouraged by the increase in business in California and will continue to caffeinate Southern California! Read about our owner…

Meet our Leadership Team

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TFB Beginnings

Déjà Brew Loyalty Program

Our Déjà Brew program gives you the opportunity to earn a discount and save money every time you use our service, and it’s free to join.*

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Here’s how it works:

  • Standard Déjà Brew – Book 4 or more events within 12 months and receive 10% discount off of each event
  • Monthly Déjà Brew – Commit to monthly services (at least one service per month) for one year and receive 15% discount off of each event
  • Weekly Déjà Brew – Commit to weekly services (at least one service per week) for one year and receive 20% discount off of each event

*Clients must maintain eligibility in order to continue to receive Déjà Brew discounts.

Our Clients

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