FAQ: Drink Count

Do you offer an option with unlimited drinks?

Many coffee carts in the area promise unlimited drinks, but truth be told, there are limitations based on available product and the efficiency of our baristas and equipment.

How many drinks can be made per hour?

The Funky Brewster can make about 50-60 drinks per hour on our Standard Espresso or Smoothie Carts and about 90-100 drinks per hour on our Large Espresso or Smoothie Carts. Our Coffee for a Crowd and Hot Chocolate Carts are available if you require a higher number of drinks per hour. 

How many drinks should I order?

In our experience, some people may choose not to get a drink while others may get a second, so it is best to plan for one drink per person.

What if I’ll be providing alternative drink options?

If alcohol or other drink options are also available, we’ve discovered that about 75% of guests order a drink from the coffee cart. 

What if we go over our allotted number of drinks?

Once the barista is close to the budgeted number of drinks, they will ask whether you would like them to continue serving. At this point, they can make 15-20 extra drinks depending on product availability. Extra drinks are charged on a per drink basis and the balance will be added to your invoice after the event is over.