FAQ: Event Expectations and Preparation

How much time does the barista need to set up and tear down?

 The barista will arrive 45-60 minutes before service begins. We ask that the contact for that day be on site and available at that time in case they have any questions as far as where to unload, park, or set up.
After the event ends, we require one hour to clean up the cart and serving area.

Is there anything I need to provide for the barista?

We provide everything needed to create a coffeehouse experience. If you ordered food items, we ask that you provide a table. Also, a sink and large trash can are helpful if available.

What are your electrical needs?

We require dedicated power from an outlet within 10 feet of our setup. Standard carts require one 110/120v dedicated circuit (2400 watts, 20 amps) and our other setups require two 110/120v circuits.  Make sure the outlets baristas are using are not sharing power with other devices or equipment to avoid a power outage! Typically outlets sharing a wall or on adjoining walls share a circuit. 

Check out our website for a diagram if you have any questions! 

Where should I have the barista set up? How much space do you need?

We can set up inside or outside; typically we set up in break rooms, lobbies, or other common spaces. Our carts can be set up anywhere with a flat, sturdy surface including most types of carpet. 

We require at least 6 square feet of space for our standard carts or 12×6 feet for our large carts. We are unable to take our carts up stairs as they are on wheels but our carts are ADA compliant and can fit through any standard door or in any standard elevator. Please keep in mind our equipment produces some noise.

Can you set up outdoors?

Generally we are able to set up anywhere, but for outdoor events there are a few additional things to consider. Cover from all kinds of weather would be ideal so let us know if we will need to bring our own EZ-up tent. 

Temperature: The outdoor temperature must be between 55ºF and 85ºF in order for our espresso carts to operate. 
Precipitation: In the case of precipitation, we need to be set up under cover. Let us know if you need us to bring our own cover or if you plan to otherwise provide it. Due to the electrical components, our espresso equipment cannot get wet.
Power: In order to power our espresso equipment for the duration of the event, we need access to at least two 110v outlets on a dedicated circuit within 20 feet of our cart. If there is not electricity available onsite, ask about our generators available for rent. 
Additional options: For options that require no electricity, check out our Hot Chocolate Carts or Coffee for a Crowd Carts

What do your carts look like?

Check out our gallery for pictures of our set ups!

Please see our What to Expect page for additional information about planning your event!