FAQ: Menu Options

What menu options do you offer

We have several types of carts available, each with their own menu. View all of our menus here or see individual menus below. 
Espresso Carts 
Espresso Menu 
Espresso and Smoothie Menu 
Espresso and Coffee Freeze Menu 

Coffee for a Crowd Carts
Winter Coffee for a Crowd Menu 
Spring Coffee for a Crowd Menu 
Summer Coffee for a Crowd Menu 
Fall Coffee for a Crowd Menu 
Holiday Coffee for a Crowd Menu 

Frozen Beverage Carts
Fruit Smoothie Menu
Coffee and Cream Freeze Menu
Frozen Beverage Menu

Hot Chocolate Carts 
Hot Chocolate Menu 
Snowman Soup Menu 

Do you offer iced beverage options?

Yes, both hot and iced drink options are included with all espresso carts.

Do you offer alternative milks?

Yes, almond milk and oat milk are included with all espresso carts. 

Do you offer decaf options?

Yes, decaf espresso and other decaf options are included with all espresso carts.

Do you offer a self-service option?

Due to liability and quality control, we don’t currently offer any self-service options without one of our baristas onsite. We’re happy to provide brewed coffee and other prepared beverages from our Coffee for a Crowd menu, available with a barista and a minimum of 150 servings.

Do you offer tea or other non-coffee options?

Yes, we have a variety of “Anti-Coffee” options available such as Chai Tea, Hot Chocolate, Caramel Apple Cider and six different loose leaf Tea options.

Do you offer gluten free options?

All of our syrups, sauces and milk products are gluten free. We also offer sugar-free, low calorie, and vegan options to meet all of your needs. 

Do you offer latte art or customized drink options?

We offer a Latte Image Printer service that uses a vegan, food-based ink to create everything from logos to photos on hot drinks. Other customization options include printed stickers or cup sleeves.

Will my event be less expensive if I offer fewer menu options to my guests?

Regardless of the type of drink, every drink uses the same amount of product and costs roughly the same for us to make. We take pride in offering our clients an extensive menu for a lower price than our competitors, who often charge for any additional options added. In turn guests are all able to enjoy the event, even if they don’t drink coffee. That being said, we are more than happy to create a customized menu specifically for your event for an additional $49.50. 

Can we add alcohol to our coffee drinks?

Our baristas are not able to provide or pour alcohol, but you’re welcome to have it available to your guests in order to enhance their coffee drinks. 

Can I add both coffee freezes and fruit smoothies to my event?

You can choose between either fruit smoothies or coffee freezes. Due to power and space limitations, we are unable to offer both options at the same event.