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Coffee has long been a passion of mine, even before my nine years at Starbucks. In high school, coffee became a staple in daily life. My friend Jenny and I would hang out at a local coffee shop called “The Riverside Perk” and pretend we were older than we were! When I landed a job at Starbucks in 1998, I began my true journey into the world of coffee.

passion for coffee

My friends would say, in fact, that I am a coffee snob. I love learning everything about coffee, from the different roasts to the lives of those who harvest the beans in the countries of origin. Quality is of high importance to me, and I don’t just drink any cup of coffee. My
motto has always been, if I wouldn’t drink it, why on earth would I serve it? As I begin a business that revolves around my two passions, coffee and my relationships in our community, that motto becomes even more important to me.

healthy, fair, sustainable

Another thing you might learn about me as you talk to my family and friends is that I can be sort of “granola”. Natural and organic foods are important to me, and I have chosen to infuse this concept into The Funky Brewster by offering naturally flavored syrups and locally-roasted coffee. Additionally, I have a heart for giving to people in need, and there is one program in particular that I want to spend my money and time to impact. CoffeeKids is an organization that gives kids of these farmers the opportunity to have an education. I also support Fair Trade for farmers around the world; “Fair Trade empowers farmers and farm workers to invest in their communities, protect the environment, and develop the business skills to compete in the global marketplace.”
Check out for more information regarding these amazing organizations.

down to business

Of course, my main motivation for this adventure is the irresistible urge to become an entrepreneur. I was six when I opened my first lemonade stand at my parents’ garage sale. By the time I was a “tween” I was making more money selling grocery store coffee (my palette wasn’t quite developed by then), donuts, lemonade, cookies, and homemade arts and crafts than my parents were making selling furniture and appliances at their garage sales! And don’t even get me started on Girl Scout cookies! I have always loved retail sales and marketing, and I have worked for two locally owned businesses and one Fortune 100 Company. It is now time to put my efforts toward my own dream.

With Coffee Love,

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Nicki McDonald, Barista, Founder, CEO,
Certified Barista and Competition Judge by the Specialty Coffee Association of America


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