Espresso Carts for Teacher Appreciation

Our mobile baristas would love to caffeinate your event for Teacher Appreciation! Our family at The Funky Brewster recognizes and applauds the teachers and school staff. Teacher Appreciation Week is certainly a great opportunity to thank these fine people. They pour their time and energy into developing our future generations year round. We also understand the need for caffeine to get that job done! It is our pleasure to offer an Espresso Cart option created especially for schools.

Faster than a speeding bullet…

In our experience caffeinating schools, we have learned the importance of efficiency.  This helps get your teachers to their classrooms on time. Standing in line for coffee may not always be an option, so we offer an order form system. This ensures your entire staff receives a delicious, handcrafted beverage!

How to use our Order Forms

  1. Please provide a volunteer who is familiar with the school to deliver drinks the day of your event.
  2. Distribute blank order forms a few days before your event, along with ordering directions (available below).
  3. Collect order forms the day before the event, so they are ready to go for the barista.
  4. All order forms must be turned in to the barista at least one hour before the end of the event.

Of course, those who didn’t have a chance to fill out the form are welcome to come down and order their drink in person at any time.

Espresso Carts for Teacher Appreciation, The Funky Brewster Coffee Catering

In addition, we have a few tips to help your staff have the best service possible.

  • Please include a PDF copy of your school’s Tax Exempt license when you fill out our Event Information Form. This will enable us to accurately quote and invoice your event as tax exempt.
  • Our Traveling Barista will arrive early. Please ensure our primary contact is onsite to open the door and show the barista where to set up.
  • Read more about What to Expect at your event to ensure you are ready for your barista to arrive.

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Order Forms

 We have provided a PDF of each of our order forms, as well as ordering instructions.  Please print the order form that corresponds with the service you have ordered.

Order Form Instructions

Order Form Instructions

We bring the coffee cart in for our staff and teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week. The staff love the cart (with a record number of beverages requested this year). Our PTCO wanted to show the staff how much we appreciate what they do for our children, and providing them with a high quality product like The Funky Brewster coffee cart allows us to do that!

– Kelly, Staff Appreciation Committee Chairman, Challenge School, CO

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