Fruit Smoothie Cart

Need smoothie cart catering plus coffee for your event? Then why not book our mobile baristas and espresso carts near Orange County, Los Angeles and Denver.  

We offer fruit smoothies using a crushed fruit concentrate blended with ice. Our menu includes three flavors of fruit smoothies.  Guests order these options separately or layer them to create a unique smoothie flavor! Our smoothies contain 100% dairy and gluten free ingredients with no sugar added. 

Coffee Freeze Cart

Looking for a frozen coffee option? We also offer a Coffee Freeze menu, with three flavors of coffee freezes. We use our cold brew coffee blended with milk, ice, and flavoring to create delicious caramel, mocha and coffee smoothies.

Italian Soda Cart

Our traditional Italian Sodas and Italian Cream Sodas are a delicious alternative to our handcrafted coffee drinks.  We offer a variety of flavors. So your guests can choose either one or two of our all natural fruit syrups to create their own Italian Soda flavor. 

Our fruit smoothies, coffee freezes, and Italian sodas are offered as an additional option to enhance one of our core Espresso Cart services.   Contact us to request a custom quote!