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Starbucks Coffee doesn’t really do catering

Starbucks Coffee Company does not offer true catering services. (In fact, Starbucks does offer bulk brewed coffee to go in 96 oz disposable containers that they call Coffee Travelers. But they generally do not come to your location with baristas to serve your event, or even for the product delivery.)

However, one of the original reasons our company began was due to people continually asking our founder, Nicki, about Starbucks catering during her career as a store manager there. As a result, she saw an unmet need. We have been serving at events onsite since 2007.

The Funky Brewster Coffee Catering

» » Starbucks Catering, The Funky Brewster Coffee Catering

The Funky Brewster Coffee Catering is your primary source for mobile coffee carts!  We come to your location and provide one or more trained baristas to serve the guests at your event. Our founder and president, Nicki McDonald, is a former Starbucks store manager and barista.

Comparing The Funky Brewster and Starbucks Catering


The Funky BrewsterStarbucks Catering
Brewed coffee delivered or pickup pickup only
Hand-crafted espresso beverages fully customized no
Custom-made hot chocolate, tea, and more yes no
Trained Baristas included no
Come to your location yes no
Setup and cleanup included no

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