What to Expect at Your Event

The Funky Brewster wants to ensure your event is a well-caffeinated success, so we’ve included some important information for you to read through before we arrive.

What your Traveling Barista will provide

Your Traveling Barista will provide everything needed for your service, with the exception of electricity. Please visit your specific Coffee Cart Service for a comprehensive list of what your Traveling Barista will provide.

What your Traveling Barista will need from you

  • An onsite contact available to answer questions when the barista arrives to set up.
  • A sink nearby for the barista to use before and after the service. Please note, they do not need to be directly next to a sink during the service. If there isn’t a sink available, it’s no problem, just let us know ahead of time!
  • A dedicated space in which to set up their cart(s), as well as room for a few people to gather. We require 8’x8′ for our standard Coffee Carts and 12’x8′ for our large Coffee Carts.
  • Please take into consideration that preparation of beverages will produce some noise when choosing a location.
  • All of our Coffee Carts are on wheels, please choose a location that does not require the use of stairs. Ensure the Barista has a safe place to roll the cart in by clearing sidewalks of rocks, sand and debris. Please note, we are not able to roll over or set up on grass, gravel, or uneven ground.
  • Our Baristas require up to one hour after they finish serving to clean up and break down the cart. Please ensure they will have access to the service area for the full hour.
  • If you’ve selected any food items, please provide a table for the barista to set them up on.
  • Our baristas bring a small trash can, and may request a larger trash can be available during your event.
  • Exceptions to any of the requirements listed above may result in additional fees.
  • Please provide a table/linen for your food items. We will bring everything else! 

Espresso Cart Electricity Requirements

What to Expect at Your Event, The Funky Brewster Coffee Catering


  • Payment in full is due on or before the date of service. While we are happy to work with you ahead of time to receive payment at a different time, a late fee will be applied to payments overdue by more than 30 days.
  • An invoice will typically be sent the week before your event, and will be payable online. You are welcome to let our office staff know if you will need the invoice earlier in order to process payment by the event date.
  • For more information about deposits, late payments, and cancellation fees, please view our Terms of Service.
  • If you are a 501c3 or nonprofit organization, please provide a PDF of your tax exempt certificate so that we may remove sales tax from your invoice.

Additional Information

  • The Funky Brewster Coffee Catering is incorporated. View a completed W9 Form for your records: California W9
  • Check with your building manager to determine whether you will need us to provide a customized Certificate of Insurance. View our General Liability Certificate for your records: California COI

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