What to Expect at Your Event

The Funky Brewster wants to ensure your event is a success, so we’ve included some important information for you to read through before we arrive.

What we bring with us

  • professionally trained barista – meet our team
  • 2′ x 4′ rolling coffee cart that will fit through any ADA approved doorway or hallway (all of our equipment and supplies are neatly organized and stored on the cart)
  • 110v commercial espresso machine and grinder
  • variety of Monin syrups, sauces, and supplies to make handcrafted espresso drinks and anti-coffee drinks
  • 2% milk, soy milk, and unsweetened almond milk
  • regular and decaf espresso from our local, small batch roasters
  • triple filtered water for our espresso machine
  • 10 oz recycled and compostable cups and lids
  • chocolate covered espresso beans 
  • one 15′ extension cord
  • upon request, we’ll bring mats for the work area, to protect your floors from coffee grounds and spills
  • for our clients who order pastries, all pastries come on our compostable trays, and we provide plates, napkins, and utensils if needed

What we need from you

  • an onsite contact available to answer questions when the barista arrives (30-45 minutes  before service is scheduled to begin) and throughout the duration of the service
  • one dedicated outlet within 10 feet of our cart. our equipment requires a dedicated, 20 amp outlet. please ensure we will not be sharing power with any other devices or equipment in order to avoid power outages.
  • a sink nearby for the barista to use before and after the service. please note, we do not need to be directly next to a sink during the service.
  • a 6’x6′ space in which to set up our cart, as well as room for a few people to gather
  • please take into consideration that preparation of beverages will produce some noise when choosing a location
  • our cart is on wheels, please choose a location that does not require the use of stairs. in inclement weather, please ensure our barista has a safe place to roll the cart in by clearing sidewalks of snow and debris.
  • payment in full is expected at the time of service. while we are happy to work with you ahead of time to receive payment at a different time, a late fee will be applied to payments overdue by more than 30 days.
  • if you are a 501c3 or nonprofit organization, please provide a PDF of your tax exempt certificate
  • large event requirements: for events where we will be serving more than 75 drinks per hour, please ensure there are two dedicated outlets available, as well as a 6’x12′ space for our double cart setup

What you may need from us

  • An invoice will be sent, on average, 5-7 days before your event. You are welcome to let our office staff know if you will need the invoice earlier in order to process payment by the event date.
  • Completed W9 Form: California or Colorado
  • Certificates of Insurance (contact us to request)

Still have questions about your event? Don’t hesitate to Contact us!

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