What is a mobile coffee cart? What is coffee catering?

Coffee cart catering brings the coffeehouse experience to your location. Our mobile coffee carts enable us to provide coffee catering service almost anywhere. Our stainless steel carts can dress up or dress down to suit your event. Our carts are stocked with an espresso machine, a barista, syrups, milks, beans, and all essential coffeehouse supplies. <Check out our coffee cart infographic for all the stats!>  

Types of drinks

What types of coffee catering are available?  What kinds of drinks are available with coffee catering?

Coffee catering options range from full-service barista who can craft a custom beverage for each of your guests, to large containers of pre-made yummy drinks such as brewed coffee and hot chocolate.  Our baristas can craft coffee, espresso, lattes, mochas, teas, smoothies, and more.

Do you offer cold coffee drinks?

Our entire coffee and espresso bar menu can be prepared as hot or iced beverages.

What kind of dairy and non-dairy options do you provide?  What about people who have dairy allergies?

Our coffee and espresso carts are stocked with 2% milk, soy milk, and almond milk.

Some people at our event do not drink coffee, do you have an option for them?

We have a variety of “Anti-Coffee” options available such as Chai Tea, Hot Chocolate, Caramel Apple Cider, Tea & Tisanes.  We also offer 100% crushed fruit smoothies or Italian sodas that may be added to our coffee and espresso bar.

Can I add both coffee freezes and fruit smoothies to my event?

You can choose between either fruit smoothies OR coffee freezes. Due to power and space limitations, we are unable to carry both options at the same event. If you would like to review the flavors available for each option before making your decision, take a look at the menus on our website.

Types of Events

What types of events go well with coffee catering?

Coffee catering is common at corporate events such employee appreciation events, customer appreciation, client promotions, and trade shows. Coffee catering is also a nice addition to weddings, holiday parties, graduations, and other personal events.

Where is coffee catering available?  Where is The Funky Brewster Coffee Catering located?

Coffee catering can be brought to your event at almost any location. We’ve even served above tree line on a mountain peak! Our service area includes mainland of Orange County, Los Angeles, and Denver metro areas. We can often accommodate locations that are a few hours outside our service area for an additional fee.  Note that we operate as a catering company and do not have a traditional retail establishment.  

Can you service outdoor events?

There are a few weather factors that play into us being able to facilitate an outdoor event with one of our coffee and espresso carts:

  • Temperature: The outdoor temperature must be between 50ºF and 85ºF in order for our espresso equipment to operate.
  • Precipitation: In the case of precipitation, we need to be set up under cover. Due to the electrical components, our espresso equipment cannot get wet.
  • Power: In order to power our espresso equipment for the duration of the event, we need access to at least two 110v outlets on a dedicated circuit within 20 feet of our cart.

With that said, your client may want to consider our Coffee-on-the-Go products instead. These are a great option for outdoor events because the aforementioned weather limitations do not apply. Details and pricing for these services can be found on our website. Please note, the Coffee-on-the-Go prices listed do not include barista service or delivery (which can be added upon request).


How much does coffee catering cost?

Prices for a typical event are around $400 in Denver and around $500 in Orange County and Los Angeles. Prices for a small event including handcrafted drinks by a barista start at $260 in Denver and $325 in Orange County and Los Angeles. A larger event with multiple baristas in the Los Angeles area can cost $1400 or more depending on the volume of guests expected.

Do you offer a discount?

Our Déjà Brew loyalty program gives you the opportunity to earn a discount and save money every time you use our service. Discounts start with as few as four events within 12 months. You can earn even larger discounts by booking monthly or weekly events.

When is payment due?

Payments are due on the day of your event.  Per our company policy, we do not receive or process payments until the day of the event.

Do you require a deposit?

We have always been very fortunate to work with great clients, so we don’t require any sort of deposit prior to the day of your event.

How can I pay by check?

Ideally, we ask that clients who intend to pay via check have said check in-hand the day of their event to give to the barista. Of course, we understand that sometimes this is not possible due to check-run schedules, in which case it is acceptable to mail us the check as soon after the event as possible. If you won’t have the check in-hand the day of the event, please let us know ahead of time so we can plan and communicate with our team accordingly. Keep in mind, per the Late Payment policy as stated on your invoice, “a late fee will be applied to payments overdue by more than 30 days.” Also, if you will be paying via check, please let us know if you would like gratuity added to your invoice. While they appreciate them, baristas do not expect tips by any means, so please do not feel obligated!

How can I pay by credit card?

If you plan on paying with a credit card, it’s usually easiest for everyone if we collect payment in person at the event since we have Square credit card readers on all of our carts. If you prefer, we can make arrangements to process your payment manually over the phone.

Do you keep my credit card info on file?

Also, due to liability and security concerns we do not keep credit card information on file.

Can you charge per drink at our event?

The Funky Brewster Coffee Catering does not charge per drink, as a food truck might.  Our service is offered with a traditional catering pricing model where the host of an event contracts with us for the enjoyment of their guests.

How often do your prices increase?

The Funky Brewster Coffee Catering generally limits our price increases to an annual market adjustment in or around October.  When an event is booked before the annual adjustment but takes place after, we will honor our previous pricing. Occasionally prices may need to be adjusted mid year in the event of unusual increases in the underlying cost of coffee, milk, gasoline, or labor.  

What happens if I need more drinks than planned?

While our baristas generally bring enough product to serve 5-10 drinks beyond what’s included in the selected service, ​we are limited by the finite amount product we have available. Therefore, we strongly suggest that clients reserve whichever service they feel will best meet their needs. Please note, many of our baristas have other jobs/commitments. We try to be very respectful of their schedules, and cannot guarantee we will be able to extend the service time on short notice​. Keep in mind, there is a $3.25 (before tax) charge per extra beverage served​. If you’re concerned about running out, it’s usually best to book a larger service. Of course, we can always create a custom service based on the number of drinks and amount of time you would like us to be prepared to serve.

Can I customize one of the packages with more drinks and/or less time?

Because our coffee and espresso catering services feature all made-to-order beverages, the amount of time included in each package corresponds with the amount of time our team (and equipment) would need to make the promised number of beverages. With that said, there are ways to work around such limitations. For example, if you need us to be prepared to serve approximately 150 drinks in a 90 minute time frame, we may have to get a little creative.  We can create a custom quote for you with additional baristas and/or some pre-made beverages.


How do I make reservations for coffee catering?

You can make a reservation via email or phone. We recommend email for an easy way for both of us to document and confirm the details of your event.

How much notice is needed to reserve coffee catering?

Occasionally we are able to accommodate next day requests. That said, the further in advance you are able to make your reservation, the better we are able to ensure that equipment and personnel will be available for your event.

Can I request a specific barista for my event?

We are always happy to hear that a client had a great experience with one of our baristas! Due to the nature of our business, with a constantly changing event schedule and barista availability, we cannot guarantee a specific barista for your event. With that said, we are happy to make note of your request and will do our best to accommodate.

Are you open on major holidays?

The Funky Brewster Coffee Catering is generally closed on the following major holidays.  However, with enough notice and a 20% additional fee, we may be able to service your event on these days.

  • New Year’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Eve
  • Christmas Day
  • New Year’s Eve
What is your cancellation policy?

No fee is charged for events cancelled 48 or more hours prior to their scheduled start time. Should an event be cancelled with less than 48 hours notice, a 25% fee (based on your total invoice amount) will be assessed. We do offer an exception to this policy in instances of inclement weather.

What is your inclement weather policy?

For purposes of whether a rescheduled event is treated as a cancellation, determining an exception for “Inclement Weather” is determined at the reasonable but sole discretion of The Funky Brewster Coffee Catering.  In this case, providing we receive notification via phone 4 or more hours prior to the scheduled start time, clients are able to reschedule their event without incurring a cancellation fee. In the case of inclement weather, should we receive less than 4 hours notice, a fee will be assessed.  Please understand, supplies are purchased and pre-event work starts several hours before we begin serving at an event, which is why we created this policy. With that said, should an ominous weather forecast leave you feeling nervous about the possibility of a snow day (or a delayed start), we would always welcome a phone call the night before your event in order to reschedule.


Is The Funky Brewster hiring?

The Funky Brewster is always looking for fun, customer oriented individuals to join our team of Traveling Baristas.  To apply, please email a resume to Denver@TheFunkyBrewster.com or OC@TheFunkyBrewster.com.