Promotional Materials

Thank you for booking an espresso, coffee or smoothie services with us! We are excited to caffeinate your event, and we want to make sure everyone knows about it. We’ve provided a couple of materials to help you promote your event.


We have included a blank flyer with our logo in the upper left corner, as well as a predesigned 8 ½” x 11″ poster for you to promote your event.

Promotional Poster Blank Flyer with Logo

Drink Order Form and Instructions

Primarily used for schools and call centers, we offer drink order forms to facilitate caffeinating those who aren’t able to wait in line. The best way to execute the order forms is to print them, along with the instructions, several days before your event. Distribute them to your guests, and have them fill out the order forms and return them before we arrive. When the barista arrives, have the order forms ready to go. The barista will handcraft each beverage that has been ordered. We ask that you or a member of your team is on hand to deliver the beverages, as we will be busy creating them!

If you are interested in using the order forms for your event, please communicate your intention with our office staff before your event, so we are able to better prepare our baristas before they arrive.


You are welcome to add our logo to your own promotional materials. We’ve included a PNG of our logo below!

Logo File (PNG)


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