Teacher Appreciation – Orange County

Service Options for Schools

  • Teacher Appreciation I
    1-49 beverages, up to 90 minutes of service.
  • Teacher Appreciation II 
    50-74 beverages, up to 2 hours of service.
  • Teacher Appreciation III
    75-99, up to 2.5 hours of service.
  • Teacher Appreciation IV
    100-150 beverages, up to 3 hours of service.

Our mobile baristas would love to caffeinate your Teacher Appreciation event! Our family at The Funky Brewster recognizes and applauds the teachers and school staff who pour their time and energy into developing our future generations. We also understand the need for caffeine to get that job done! It is our pleasure to offer an Espresso Cart option created especially for schools.

Orange County and Los Angeles area location

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